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Generation Equip
Equipping the next generation to lead & live well

My vision is to build a workforce & community filled with quality, productive & well rounded individuals.  Where people lead themselves with dignity and serve their teams & communities.

Why Generation Equip?

I've spent a lot of time around teens and young adults over the years.  There is tons of opportunity to add value & better equip this generation to succeed.  Too often they are getting their input from social media or other influencers that do not have their best interest in mind.  During the duration of this course, their personal growth is my #1 goal!  Their interest & well being are my priority. 

Each round of generation equip will include the following:

  • One group session per month via zoom.  We will review financial goals & leadership mastermind during each session.

  • Subscription to Ramsey+

  • Minimum of four John Maxwell Masterminds over the course of the year.  One per quarter.

  • One Full Focus Planner per quarter

  • Physical activity log

  • Personalized growth plan

  • Each "round" will be three months with the option to continue to the next round.

Next round of Generation Equip begins on June 4th!  We will meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm after that.

The investment into this class is $150/month!  The return on this investment is imesurable.  I only with I was introducted to Ramsey or John Maxwell in my teens or early twenties!

My Story

I've been in a leadership capacity for the last 17 years with a quick service franchise in South FL.  It has always been a struggle to find good people.  We have had plenty of rock-stars come into our building, however finding good people is always our #1 challenge.  Over the years I've thought "what can I do?"  "How can we get better people in the doors to work for us?"

We've come up with different programs & incentives, I have and still do go into high schools to talk to students about leadership & finance.  But I still kept thinking, "what else can I do"?  Eventually I thought about putting together a course that covered financial basics (using my financial coaching background), leadership basics (using my Maxwell certification & business experience) & physical fitness (using my personal training certificate) to help the next generation of leaders.  I feel like all three are perfectly intertwined.  When all three areas are clicking, the outcomes are most likely going to be very good.  So, here we are...Generation Equip!  Equiping the next generation to lead & live well.

I'm not putting this course together to get better employees for our business.  I'm putting this course together to build better leaders in our communities.  Weather you work for me or not, my vision is to build a stronger community with leaders that know how to serve and value personal & professional growth.  When that happens, we all win

I hope you or your young adult will be joining me on this journey.  I can guarantee you one thing, if they apply themselves over the time we are together, they will come away a better person!

Live to win!

Daniel Huck


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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